Maximize your beans. Earn from all your beans, from grades A to D. ROAST YOUR OWN COFFEE BEANS! NO NEED to HIRE A ROASTMASTER! AT LEAST 100% ADDED VALUE TO YOUR GREEN BEANS!
18 Days Roaster

18 Days Roaster


    • Digital hot air 1-kg roaster custom built for Filipino coffee farmer
    • Fully automatic, fully computerized, very user-friendly
    • AMTEC certified economical fuel efficiency at 0.5 kg/hr LPG consumption
    • 6.35 kg / hr or 1.5 – 4.5 tons per month roasting capacity
    • Convection roasting produces even roasting temperature
    • Consistent international standing roasting quality
    • Roasts all coffee varieties up to 18% moisture content
    • Can roast coffee, peanuts, soya
    • Internet bluetooth capable
    • Spare parts locally available
    • Programmable roast profile
    • Runs on regular convenience outlet




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