Welcome to the world of Coffee Alamid. Here you will find the minimum requirements of becoming an Alamid member.


Alamid Member Guidelines for Local Individual Members

Coffee Alamid Three Blends

Coffee Alamid Three Blends


  1. Filipino citizen – passport, or any other government-issued ID
  2. Philippine shipping address – we wil send via DHL your alamid membership card.
  3. Passport size picture



  1. One-time registration fee: PhP500.00
  2. Annual Dues: PhP500.00



  1. Price discounts.
  2. Members’ discounted price will be honored at any accredited ALAMID outlet in the Philippines.
  3. Members will be issued ALAMID member picture ID cards (sent via DHL) upon approval and receipt of required fees. These ID cards will have registration numbers and will be put in database.
  4. Members can avail of 50g and 100g bottles.
  5. Members will be allowed to purchase maximum cumulative 300g of coffee Alamid per month. Note: No carry over for the following month.
  6. Members will be informed via e-mail of any news, freebies, etc.



  1. Individuals may apply online, thru Bote Central (BC) Head Office, or thru any accredited Alamid outlet. Processing and approval shall be done by BC Head Office.
  2. Coffee orders will be shipped to members ‘ shipping address or picked up at any accredited Alamid outlet and give payment there. Freight via DHL will be charged to member.
  3. Head Office will keep track of sold Coffee Alamid to all individual members.
  4. Bote Central reserves the right to discontinue membership for local individual members. Prices subject to change with 30-day notice.


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