Welcome to Bote Central Online Training Portal!

 This online facility aims to be a web-based online training for coffee enthusiasts, professionals, advocates, coffee lovers, etc. We have included various training materials that include audio/video presentations, PowerPoint presentations, PDF contents, among others. You will find at the end of each course you are enrolled a series of online examinations for accreditations and/or certifications. Below are the steps in making this online training facility a benefit: 

  1. Please login in our Bote Central Online Store to pay for training fees/charges you wanted to enroll. Please provide a valid and existing e-mail in our online store for seamless communications with Bote Central.

  2. Once the course has been paid, you will be contacted by Bote Central Representative via e-mail for your username/password as well as your enrollment key. Your enrollment key is unique for you to enter your course.

  3. Once you get username/password and your enrollment key, login to this Bote Central Training Portal.

  4. You will be provided with your enrolled course once logged in.

  5. Study all the learning materials at your own pace anytime/anywhere. 

  6. Once completed, you may opt to get an online examination leading to accreditation/certification.

  7. Your accreditation/certificates will be provided via LBC through Bote Central, Inc.

  8. For more details, please contact Bote Central, Inc.